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Login Name: fraynaud
Real Name:
francois raynaud
Email Address: f.raynaud @nospam@
place de la republique
13200 arles
Phone: 04 90 49 38 08
Site Member Since: 2005-01-25 11:35

Project Information

This user is a member of the following projects:

openaccueiljour (Admin)

openadherent (Admin)

openadresse (Admin)

openADS (Admin)

openannuaire (Admin)

openARIA (Contributeur)

openassociation (Admin)

openbadge (Admin)

openbatiment (Admin)

openCadastre (Admin)

opencap (Admin)

opencarte (Admin)

opencatalogue (Admin)

opencertificat (Admin)

openCimetière (Admin)

opencirculation (Admin)

opencollecte (Admin)

opencominterne (Admin)

openCourrier (Admin)

opendevis (Admin)

openEcole (Admin)

openElec (Admin)

openÉlu (Admin)

openemploi (Admin)

openentreprise (Admin)

openfibre (Admin)

openformation (Admin)

opengeophone (Admin)

openhistoire (Admin)

openhygiene (Admin)

openinscription (Admin)

openlogement (Admin)

openM14 (Admin)

openMairie - Framework (Admin, Core Developer)

openmultisite (Admin)

openopah (Admin)

openoperation (Admin)

openparc (Admin)

openparking (Admin)

openpfm (Admin)

openpresence (Admin)

openPresse (Admin)

openrar (Admin)

openRecensement (Admin)

openregie (Admin)

openRegistreDPO (Admin)

openreglement (Admin)

openreservation (Admin)

openRésultat (Admin)

opensanteville (Admin)

openScrutin (Admin)

opensport (Admin)

openStock (Admin)

openTaxePub (Admin)

opentel (Admin)

opentriselectif (Admin)

openurgence (Admin)

openvaccin (Admin)

openValidationFacture (Developpeur)

openvoie (Admin)

postgis_conf (Admin)

qgis_formation (Admin)
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